SuperSet 2D Seismic Database - Central North Sea
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Central North Sea

Quick, easy and cost effective access to a CNS regional 2D database

WesternGeco and EGL have developed a regional 2D seismic dataset over the entire Central North Sea in the UKCS. The data is specially selected from WesternGeco's comprehensive speculative seismic and is fully integrated into a basin-wide SMT Kingdom digital seismic database.

Data has been chosen on vintage, quality, type and age of reprocessing, well tie lines, oil and gas field sections and regional scale lines.

Data management (search and location of original and reprocessed data), loading, navigation, QC, SP/CDP reconciliation and interpretation framework has been managed by EGL.

Industry Value:
  • Fast access to data within a Kingdom project including key well tops and times, cultural data, regional geology and framework interpretation
  • Enhanced deliverables to include GIS product with links to PDF version interpreted lines. A3 summary plots for each open block; well data; horizon files and SEG Y
  • Immediate value to exploration managers and new ventures groups ahead of the 25th Round
  • Includes licence to underlying non-exclusive 2D seismic data

  • DATE:
    Initiated in 2006

    Price on application.

    Kingdom 2D project for the CNS UKCS. (Other applications to be confirmed)
    Data can be viewed and/or downloaded.