Millennium Atlas North Sea
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GIS Version
On behalf of The Millennium Atlas Company Exploration Geosciences and ExproDat have produced a GIS version of the Millennium Atlas. This project has used the original drafted figures (as opposed to the reduced resolution PDF images) to create a comprehensive set of GIS objects, including 324 vector/shape files from 58 Atlas figures, 363 geo-referenced images from 89 Atlas figures and the capturing of location and linking of 234 other figures, all with supporting metadata. Standard shape files have been created that can be imported by participants into any system including ArcView™ and MapInfo®. A COMPANY-WIDE licence is a one off payment of £6,000 and allows companies to integrate the wealth of information in the Atlas with their own data sets. £2,000 per sale is donated to the charities WaterAid and Practical Action.

The GIS version is marketed through Beagle Geoscience.

Exploration Geosciences are project managers for The Millennium Atlas which is a unique and authoritative review of the petroleum geology of the North Sea Oil Basin. The Atlas is a product of the endeavours of oil company personnel, consultants and academia with over thirty companies providing technical support. The project is supported by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, the Norwegian Petroleum Society and the Geological Society, as well as the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in Norway.

A CD ROM and hard copy (coffee table size but currently out of print) are marketed through The Geological Society.