1. An Overview of The North Slope Alaska

2. Hydrocarbon Potential of Chukchi Sea and The National Petroleum Reserve.

3. Hydrocarbon Potential of Alaska's North Slope (Industry Area) and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
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Expanding Alaska - New Updated Alaska Digital GIS Product

In the years since Exploration Geosciences produced this comprehensive atlas and reports a considerable number of wells have been drilled.

As a consequence we are producing an updated Alaska digital GIS product based around a suite of ArcView shapefiles including
  • Depth Structure Maps
  • Reservoir Distribution
  • Isopachs
  • Source Rocks
  • Play Maps
  • Tops
The update includes well data from approximately 60 wells drilled (and made publically available) between 1999 and 2008. Additionally the new product reviews in some detail the heavy oil (West Sak) play.

Please contact info@expgeo.co.uk for more information.


These three studies cover the entire area from the Russian border to the Canadian border including the North Slope, Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea.

A three part product comprising an atlas with a regional, structural and stratigraphic framework and overview of the prospectivity, complemented by two detailed reports evaluating the hydrocarbon potential of the Chukchi Sea and the National Petroleum Reserve, and the central area of the North Slope and ANWR. These products were produced with the benefit of Western Geophysical's extensive spec. seismic database used in conjunction with large digital databases (e.g. logs and geochemistry).

The Atlas includes over 27 annotated wall sized displays covering surface geology, plate tectonic history, depth maps, reprocessed gravity and magnetic data plus interpretation, stratigraphy, synthesis of the geochemistry, reservoir, seal and isopach maps, play concepts and fairways and well summary database (250 wells).

The reports include original research, analysis and interpretation and contain previously unpublished data, printed and bound with text supported by a total of 800 figures, 30 wall maps and montages including seismic, and numerous databases reproduced as appendices.

Together the reports include
  • Unique seismic mapping using approximately 20,000 line-miles from Western Geophysical's spec. database and the USGS data (scanned and migrated by Lynx) with around 2,400 line-miles of seismic as examples.
  • Data on 250 wells including core and biostratigraphy.
  • Completely new synthesis of the geochemistry with an extensive appendix.
  • Reservoir/seal review with detailed petrophysical analysis (over 200 X plots).
  • Recent field developments, cost database and scoping economics.

Atlas, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: US$ 75,000
Each Report, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: US$ 50,000

Digital format for each product including all appendices an additional: US$ 10,000

20% discount for two or more products

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