Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Cretaceous Northwest Montana
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This report covers the pre-Cretaceous section in the area running from the Canadian border, southwards to the town of Great Falls and from the Rockies in the west to the edge of the Williston Basin in the east. It provides a southwards extension to Exploration Geosciences's Southern Alberta reports.

The study has utilised an extensive regional seismic grid including Occidental's and Shell's proprietary data. ARK Geophysics, who work in close association with Exploration Geosciences, have provided the potential field work. With the benefit of the expertise of an ex Montana State geologist a total of 225 wells (drilled to the pre-Mississippian) have been reviewed. With these data, two regional depth maps, regional seismic lines, the pre-Cretaceous stratigraphy including a suite of well correlations and isopachs have been produced. Additionally there are five montages covering the petroleum geology (reservoir summaries, source rocks) and play concepts and fairways.
The appendices include well summaries (225) and synthetics (5).


Report, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: Can$ 35,000
Digital format including all appendices an additional: Can$ 10,000

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