Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mackenzie Delta and Valley, Northwest Territories
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A study of the pre-Tertiary section of the Mackenzie Valley and Delta Basins of the Northwest Territories. Together with Southern Northwest Territories report (1995), which overlaps at the Norman Wells area, these reports provide a consistent review of the whole of the N.W.T. which only became available for licensing in 1992 after a 15 year moratorium.

This study provides a comprehensive evaluation of the petroleum geology. It comprises original research and interpretation of a database consisting of over 200 wells, a wealth of new and previously unpublished geochemical data resulting from co-operation with the Geological Survey of Canada, over 5,000 km of released and proprietary seismic and gravity and magnetic data. The report contains 270 pages of text, 187 figures and 27 enclosures.

This report is a companion to The Hydrocarbon Potential of Southern Northwest Territories.


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