1. An Overview of The North Slope Alaska

2. Hydrocarbon Potential of Chukchi Sea and The National Petroleum Reserve.

3. Hydrocarbon Potential of Alaska's North Slope (Industry Area) and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
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GIS Version of the ALASKA Reports

The Alaska reports have been enhanced to a GIS version. The reports comprise a series of views as follows:
  • Basemap
  • Structure Maps
  • Exploration History
  • Reservoirs
  • Isopachs
  • Source Rocks
  • Play Maps
In each view the well database overlays a series of selectable, geo-referenced PDF images (e.g. depth map contours). From the PDF version of maps and montages the spatial components i.e. contours, faults, edges, and features are extracted, geo-referenced, imported, and compiled. These are added as shapefiles to the existing ArcView project. Layer data is also available independently.

3Q 2003

To companies already licensing the original work, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: US$ 15,000

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