Hydrocarbon Potential of Southern Alberta: Cambrian to Beaverhill Lake
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The study area extends from western Saskatchewan to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and from just north of Calgary southwards to the border with the USA.

The study provides a comprehensive, up to date integrated evaluation of the petroleum geology. It contains over 160 pages of text, 235 figures and 35 enclosures. This synthesis comprises original research and interpretation of over 200 wells, a new geophysical analyses based on over 5,000 km of data provided by AmocoCanada and PanCanadian, a good regional coverage of gravity and magnetic data, a review of all previously published geochemical information and an extensive hydrodynamic database. The structural framework is based on a review of the tectonic history and is supported with structural cross-sections, seismic montages and depth maps on key horizons utilising 22 synthetics. This framework is then used as a basis to interpret the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the area incorporating new geochemical ideas and a modelling of the migration pathways.

It is a companion regional report to Hydrocarbon Potential of Southern Alberta: Woodbend, Winterburn and Wabamun.


Report, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: US $ 50,000
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