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Link to European Map Gulf of Oman The Sea of Azov, Atlas of Petroleum Geology, Ukraine and Russia Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan and Russia Northwest Shelf, Australia Round Africa Atlas Round Africa Atlas Hydrocarbon Potential of Timan Pechora Basin, Russia Hydrocarbon Potential of the Pre-Cretaceous Northwest Montana, USA Hydrocarbon Potential of Southern Alberta: Woodbend, Winterburn and Wabamun and Cambrian to Beaverhill Lake Hydrocarbon Potential of Southern Northwest Territories Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mackenzie Delta and Valley, Northwest Territories Intermontane Basins Atlas, British Columbia and Yukon An Overview of the North Slope Alaska Hydrocarbon Potential of Chukchi Sea and the National Petroleum Reserve
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North America    Europe    Africa    Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia
A UK group offering detailed studies of exploration areas and regular UK/Norway geotechnical publications.

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