WHAT Map - UKCS and Norway
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• Well Information
      - geological commentary on drilling and recent wells
• Hydrocarbon Shows
      - by age for all wells
• And ...
• Test Details
      - including reservoir, interval, flow rates and fluid quality

  • Seamless coverage across the UKCS and NCS one map sheet
  • Detailed geological base map including detailed structural elements, source rock maturity, field reservoirs and outlines
  • Additionally for the UKCS - reservoir distribution and subcrop
  • Cultural base map which incorporates licence layers
  • Direct links to over 2,000 technical reviews of recently completed and released wells, logs and seismic in the UK and Norway Discovery Digests
  • Detailed, geologically focussed commentary on unreleased wells
  • Full DST and shows by age information for all exploration and appraisal wells
  • Updated review of well results, by examination of all composite logs, as wells are released
  • Auto-zoom to newly spudded, completed and released wells
  • Quick navigation to all wells
  • Map co-ordinate display (latitude, longitude, projection and scale) and measuring tool
  • All information presented in layers that can be manipulated by turning on and off
  • Regular updates to capture all new well and field information
  • Limitless access company-wide at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection via www.whatmap.co.uk
  • An ArcGIS™ Shapefiles module is produced.
First published in February 2002
The ArcView™ Module is updated quarterly and is downloadable from www.whatmap.co.uk. The website www.whatmap.co.uk is updated monthly.

at www.whatmap.co.uk and ArcGIS™ shapefiles module.