A Regional Geological Atlas of the Inner Moray Firth
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Inner Moray Firth.

A comprehensive study of the Inner Moray Firth based on WesternGeco's significant 2D datasets and especially those shot in the late 1980's which were reprocessed (Kirchoff Pre-Stack Time Migration) at the end of 2004. The seismic has been used in conjunction with potential field datasets to provide control on regional structure.

As is well documented the western part of the study area is different from the other main producing basins in the UKCS where the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay is the primary source rock. In the west one relies on Devonian and Middle Jurassic source rocks. There is a complete re-evaluation of the importance of the Devonian section based on new interpretation of Devonian source rocks. Evaluating and quantatively describing all these petroleum systems is the key to successful exploration.

This digital atlas brings together a comprehensive structural picture as well as a review of reservoir and source rock distribution and the timing of hydrocarbon generation and migration. WesternGeco's reprocessed seismic (over 5,529 kms) together with potential field data has been used to generate the regional structure maps and identify play types. Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI) have reviewed all the petroleum systems including their quality and more importantly documented timing of maturation (vs structuring) and volumes of oil generated.

This product is sold independently from WesternGeco's seismic as a linked PDF document with appropriate supporting ArcView shape files.


Atlas, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: £30,000

DVD GIS (ArcView), PDF