Zechstein Prospect Evaluation North Sea
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QUADS 34, 35, 40, 41 & 42

As the UK begins to import gas we are pleased to deliver, an 'off the shelf' complete and unique atlas detailing the prospectivity of a little explored play type where the Zechsten carbonates form the reservoir for gas sourced from Carboniferous shales and coals. The small number of wells drilled on this play to date have resulted in a 66% success rate on valid structures.

Over 6,000km of TGS-NOPEC and Jebco seismic data have been analysed together with 28 wells and onshore UK and Polish analogues are also provided.

The results are:
  • Over fifty leads mapped across two UK quadrants of which 4 prospects have in excess of 200bcf sales gas.
  • Three development cases considered from wellhead to end-user, leading to:

  •       - Full economic analysis demonstrates that in excess of 20% rate of return can be achieved.
October 2002

Report, exclusive of any tax, delivery or customs duties: £30,000