Petroleum Hydrogeology Of The Chalk Southern Central Graben North Sea
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This report addresses the main part of the Chalk fairway in the southern part of the Central Graben covering UK, Norwegian and Danish acreage.

This study was a joint venture with Rakhit Petroleum Consulting, one of leading hydrodynamic specialists in the world, based in Calgary.

The study evaluates the Chalk as a potential carrier bed utilising pressure, core and log data. With the benefit of seismic from three major operating oil companies and Rakhit's proprietary software, oil migration models have been produced to develop exploration fairways within the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary. With over 100 pages of text, 50 figures, 25 enclosures and 4 appendices, this synthesis comprises a review of the nomenclature and stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous to Danian interval of the Chalk Group; geophysical mapping at Top and Base Chalk, and Mid Miocene Unconformity level with a suite of reconstructed palaeo-depth maps; reservoir description with implications for timing of porosity and permeability loss within the Chalk; timing of maturity and migration of hydrocarbons, hydrodynamic vector maps indicting the flow rate and direction of oil for the two different time periods, and finally a review of the fields and critical dry holes with a view to understanding areas with potential for new discoveries based on the results of the hydrodynamic modelling.


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