Norway Discovery Digest
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Download Norway Discovery Digest brochure (PDF) 2.65 MB and explore the Norway interactive map, Norway Discovery Digest Latest Volume and Searchable Archives Online.

Norwegian continental shelf.


An illustrated geotechnical overview of drilling activity and exploration potential featuring:
  • In-depth well reviews of recently released and recently completed wells.
  • Reviews of Licensing Rounds
  • Detailed articles highlighting geological aspects of offshore Norway. (Eg. Åre vs Spekk Source Rocks)
  • Investigative reviews of prospective acreage, both open and possible farm-in
  • All written by senior geotechnical professionals and supported with well logs, schematic cross-sections, stratigraphic charts, seismic and reference maps
  • Seismic data provided by several of the major seismic contractors
  • Published twice a year - hard copy versions of the digest as well as digital PDFs are available
  • The digital PDF includes a search engine which allows users access to all past articles, plus well log and interpreted seismic libraries

A front end Interactive Norway Discovery map access which includes:
  • Detailed geology of Offshore Norway (fault pattern, location of salt diapirs, source rock presence and maturity and to include at a later date reservoir distribution)
  • Barents Sea Kobbe Layers - These layers provide information on the maturity of the Kobbe with two maps; one at top Kobbe and one at its base.
  • Cultural base map incorporating detailed structural framework
  • DST information for tested exploration and appraisal wells
  • Links to technical reviews in the Norway Discovery Digest on wells completed and wells released
  • Updated review of well results, by examination of composite logs, as wells are released
  • Regular updates to capture all new well and field information

Initiated in 2006

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